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Sandra Van Berkel

Sandra Van Berkel

Developer + Biochemist + Solutionist

As a developer, I specialize in creating modular and scalable front-end and full-stack architectures. As a scientist, I help people, improve lifestyles, and make the world a healthier place. As a solutionist, I solve difficult e-commerce, advertising, distribution, and customer service problems.

Well-qualified Full-stack Developer familiar with wide range of programming utilities and languages. Knowledge of backend and frontend development requirements. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities offering 15 years of related experience.

Work Experience

Mobile App/Smart Contract Developer

Self Improvement / RevoltWind

April 2020 - Present

Developing skills in React JS/Native and Kotlin/Dart/Flutter in Android Studio as a web/mobile app developer. Developing skills writing smart contracts.

Key Contributions:

  • Published Android apps on Google Play and APK Pure.
  • Packages include interactive elements, local device storage, api calls, lots of dynamic data manipulation and display, device sensor utilization, in-app URL launching, and e-commerce solutions.

Technology used:

  • React JS, React Native, Redux, Flutter, Kotlin, Dart, Android Studio, Google Play, APK Pure, Solidity, Remix

See apps at Google Play and APK Pure.

Full-stack Developer, Media Coordinator & E-commerce Solutionist

Emotionz LLC

2016 - Present

Complete technology and media packages for two adult websites including full-stack data-driven client-side and server-side web apps, system administration, database design, server/email hosting, Tor hosting, alternative e-commerce solutions including commerce apps- and cryptocurrency-only shopping carts, automatic payment detection and content delivery, shipping calculations, vendor administration tools and data reporting, marketing materials, and the creation of relevant social media accounts.

Key Contributions:

  • Implementation of alternative e-commerce solution for shippable and downloadable products with expiry
  • Marketing and branding package including logo design, banner ads, and Adobe AE video ads
  • Effective communication along with excellent customer service

Technology used:

  • React JS, React Native, Redux, Next.js, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Json, SQL, Firebase, Firestore, Tor/OnionShare, Adobe CC, Visual Studio

See more at .*-->

Web/Mobile Application Developer, Media Coordinator & Researcher

Bent Engineering

2016 - Present

Complete technology and media package focusing on "REVOLT Wind Turbines” including article content, website (according to the owner’s vision), hosting and maintenance, mobile application, crowdfunding efforts, grant proposals, and the creation of relevant social media accounts.

Key Contributions:

  • Research and data collection on wind turbine designs regarding the production and storage of electricity
  • Marketing and branding package including photography, filmmaking, Adobe AE video ads, logo design, and social media advertising
  • Effective communication with marketing and media professionals

Technology used:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Adobe CC, React JS, Redux, Flutter, Kotlin, Dart, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Google Play, APK Pure, Android Studio, Visual Studio, MS Office, OpenLayers

See more at and


Maryville University

2014 - 2017

Lead complete research focused on "Ecological Correlates of Fungal Abundance in Missouri and Illinois Caves and "Genetic Identification of Fungal Samples from Select Missouri and Illinois Caves: Implications for the Distribution of Pseudogymnoascus destructans and White Nose Syndrome.”

Key contributions:

  • Investigate the biotic and abiotic conditions of cave ecology
  • Collect, culture and prepare fungal samples for genetic characterization; methods include DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, ITS sequencing, and bioinformatics
  • Efficaciously communicate with government agencies and scientists in order to acquire permits
  • Prepare and present relevant data at various national research symposiums

See published work and more at ResearchGate and Gabriel Colbeck | Student Researchers.

Analytical Chemist / QC

Sensient Technologies Corporation - St. Louis, MO

January 2016 - April 2016

Key contributions:

  • Product preparation for samples sent to customers for evaluation
  • Provided sample preparation to evaluate new raw materials
  • Provided QC with sample analysis
  • Adhered to the highest degree of professional standards and strict confidentiality on matters that require discretion
  • Lab knowledge, aseptic techniques, and skills that include, but are not limited to, measuring characteristics such as pH, viscosity, solids, etc.
  • Knowledge of various lab equipment such as a Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer



2008 - Present

Key contributions:

  • Provide a full range of web services to clientele including server/email hosting and domain services, SEO, and traffic analysis
  • Website design/redesign, full-stack web/mobile application design, development, and deployment
  • Complete architectural rendering and design functions including graphic design, animations, layout, online marketplace development, and branding identity efforts

See more at and GitHub.

Project Engineer/Estimator

Lenco Contracting, Inc.

Key contributions:

  • Crafted, estimated, and delivered numerous innovative commercial and industrial construction initiatives
  • Exchanged ideas and negotiated contracts with both clients and subcontracted personnel
  • Handled project functions, e.g. supervision, documentation, cost study, reporting, scheduling, and purchasing

Additional Skills & Abilities

I am professional, flexible, creative, reliable, service- and detail-oriented. My academic career in science, including lab experience, along with my graphic design, computer programming, commercial and industrial construction and engineering experience offer a unique combination of creative and analytical skills with the ability to combine all vantage points.

  • Excellent proficiency in verbal, written, and electronic communication
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team on a broad variety of projects
  • Able to deliver effective and accurate results and meet deadlines
  • Good judgment, leadership, and decision-making skills
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented, and a self-starter
  • Ability to execute, multi-task, and thrive in extremely fast-paced, high-growth environments

adobe creative cloud, ajax, android studio, apk pure, atom, brackets, c++, dart, firebase, firestore, flash, flutter, git, google play, css, html, js, javascript, jest, jquery, json, kotlin, materialize, mongodb, office, next js, next.js, node js, php, python, react, react native, remix, redux, solidity, sql, tor, onion, onionshare, openLayers, sublime, visual studio, android studio, xml, zurb


Maryville University

Bachelor of Science (Summa cum Laude)

Biochemistry (2015, GPA 3.9)

Washington University

Completed Courses

Computer Science / Information Management (GPA 3.6)

St. Louis Community College - Meramec

Assoicates of Arts

Triple Major in Computer Science, Engineering Science & Mathematics (GPA 3.9)